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About Company

Lukena Auto Ltd is part of AMgroup and is trading in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. Main business of Lukena Auto Ltd is selling car parts in Serbia and other Ex-Yugoslavian countries.

Lukena Auto Ltd was founded in 2007. We have grown ever since through hard work and commitment of our employees and have established ourselves as a trusted business partner to our suppliers and customers.

After three years of successful trading we have opened our branch in Macedonia which is constantly growing.

We are very proud to point out that in 2010 we had over 5000 branded products in our catalogue and we are always striving to add new product lines. Therefore, all our business partners should be reassured that, just like so far, our relationships will go from strength to strength.

We would also like to say that since the day we were established we have exhibited our products on Auto Fair in Belgrade, we were present on Auto Fair in Shanghai in 2009 and on one of the world’s biggest Auto Shows in Frankfurt in 2010.

All our branded products are manufactured in over 60 countries around the world. Auto Lukena insists on high quality as well as a long term customer satisfaction, wide range of goods on offer, affordable prices and employee expertise.

Please note that all our products come with one year guarantee and our customers can take advantage of free delivery to their retail or wholesale outlets. All products are conveniently packaged and reasonably priced.

Contact information

Lukena Auto

Street: Hemingvejeva 19
City: Zemun; Zip code: 11080
Country: Serbia

Phone: +381 11 31 67 666;
Phone: +381 11 31 69 785;


Working time: 08.00 AM – 05.00 PM (Mon.-Fri.)
Working time: 08.00 AM – 03.00 PM (Saturday)

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